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07 Aralık 2019 Cumartesi
Father drowning with his son
The father, who wanted to save his son who was drowning, drowned with his son.
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16 Ağustos 2019 01:41
Father drowning with his son

The father, who wanted to save his son who was drowning, drowned with his son.

In Turkey, Mersin's Akdeniz district killed his son with the father jumped into the water to rescue his son fluttering in the sea coast.

According to information obtained, the 9-year-old Kadir Kiyak with his family to the coast of Soli, entered the sea after a while began to flutter. Seeing the danger of choking his child father Umit Kiyak, immediately jumped into the water to save his son. Participants in the rescue work in the vicinity of the event 9-year-old child taken to the beach, cardiac massage was inconclusive.

A large number of ambulances, maritime police and coast guard team were referred to the area. 12-year-old brothers who were in danger of drowning in the event survived by the sea out of their own efforts.

Lost in the sea to save his son entered the sea's lifeless body as a result of the work of the coast guard and police teams, found about 2 kilometers beyond the region. After the control of the medical teams, the funeral of the father and his son was removed from the hospital morgue. The relatives in the vicinity cried, shed tears.

Eyewitness volunteer lifeguard Oktay Ozturk, the cage in the region, saying, "They called me and said they were drowned in the sea. We immediately ran. We reached the 9-year-old child's lifeless body. Despite all the interventions we did. When the child said, 'My father is drowning,' we immediately went to the sea to rescue him, but the corpse went off the coast. An hour ago, police teams found his body.

Ozturk, where people constantly entering the sea, said that the security strip should be put here.

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